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This site originally was established as an interim website to aid potential participants in forming an Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Technology Consortium, and in developing the concepts of operation and governance procedures necessary to enable such a consortium to partner with OSD in providing urgently-needed ISR capabilities to the Afghanistan theater of operations. A group of large and small businesses, non-profit organizations and academic research institutions quickly coalesced in the fall of 2009, and formed the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Technology Consortium (ISRTC) in December 2009 with 73 founding members. Shortly after the ISRTC declared itself operational and ready for tasking, the original OSD customer who had encouraged the consortium formation ultimately elected not to charter a partnership with the ISRTC.

The ISRTC remains available today to provide solutions for federal departments and agencies having a strong sense of urgency for fielding new ISR capabilities, as well as providing a wide array of potential ISR program sponsors the ability to address the full spectrum of strategic research, development and prototyping priorities in support of more deliberate longer term technology planning and coordination focused on reducing future capability gaps.

Execute research, development and prototyping programs using innovative contracting methodologies and leveraging both governmental and consortia technological, financial, and human resources to meet ISR requirements and close capability gaps.

The ISR Technology Consortium is recognized as a cohesive national resource which Government departments and agencies can rely upon to address critical ISR requirements for sustaining the warfighters' technological superiority in a dynamic threat environment.



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